Control Center Software

Control Center Software

SensorTec has developed the finest easy to use software components to effectively provide solutions for security tasks. The versatile programs are the perfect complements of the high-definition hardware components, wherewith complete and impressive security systems can be built. The software components are based on client-server architecture, which means every data of the system is stored on a centralized server, therefore client programs can cooperate with each other, using server data. Based on a firebird database, several server modules are running on the server computer as applications, serving the client programs of the system.



  • Simple, easy-to-use, full-featured software
  • Quick setup using template configuration
  • Online NVR registration to Control Center
  • Third party cameras integration, Onvif Compliant


  •  Unlock NVR configuration on the server
  • Upload local changes to the server

Video management

  •  Live video for easy camera adjustment
  • Stitching up to 10 cameras as one panoramic view
  • E-Map feature with Cameras, Input/Outputs and Alarms representation
  • Optional Video Analytics feature on all connected cameras
  • User customized camera profiles to display multi cameras on one
    screen up to 64


  •  GPRS optimized download manager
  • Synchronized multi camera streams
  • Recording Modes: Continuous, Motion. Alarm, Schedule and Manual
  • Smart Continuous Recording: Dynamic frame rate according to the motion in the scene
  • Video search: Date, Time, motion, alarm, smart search


  • SQL database for storing configuration and logs
  • Individual user rights for cameras and functions
  • Multiple video clients for parallel monitoring
  • Video proxy for low-bandwidth network
  • Event-triggered video playback
  • Onscreen event tracking
  • Electronic zooming feature in live and playback mode
  • Virtual on-screen PTZ controller
  • Two ways audio communication over IP
  • Real-time display for all connected channels

System operators

  •  Multiple user authority levels
  • Full system events log

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