About Us

SensorTec is a security systems manufacturer whose mission is to deliver the latest technology-based solutions for the most challenging of security threats. We specialize in manufacturing custom innovative solutions for military, law enforcement, public authorities and private sectors. Our solutions allow end-users to gain greater flexibility, control and security of on-going field operations with an enhanced ability to proactively respond to any security threats.
​SensorTec utilities the most advanced of today’s technology to cover the most complicated of today’s security needs.​

In the few years since 2000, SensorTec has successfully been able to implement prestigious projects and has become one of the industry leaders in manufacturing world-class professional security solutions. These solutions are built on knowledge, experience and dedication, intending to deliver Synergetic systems to the full expectations of the client.
​ SensorTec is forging business relationships built on trust, reliability, camaraderie, and a single vision to be the best in the industry.


Across the globe, SensorTec secures cities, borders, stadiums, and people in the most complex and demanding environments imaginable. SensorTec  purpose is to find a contemporary answer for maintaining borders, homeland security, law enforcement procedures, and critical facility protection.
​ Preventing dynamic threats, ensuring public safety, maximizing the ability for fast response, and detecting attacks of all kinds are our primary mission’s objectives.
​ Our end-to-end customized Security systems are being designed according to the mission​’s objectives, focusing on complex projects that require tailored solutions with high reliability and flexibility.
​We believe in Quality work, Precision, Performance, Authenticity, Stability, and finally, Customer Satisfaction.

SensorTec Expansion

Since the company​’s inception, SensorTec engineers have been leaders in the development of security solution technologies. Our innovation continues with industry-leading security products, as well as advanced technologies in areas such as situation awareness, mission-critical, border control, and law enforcement.
Fulfilling customer demands in these areas is a matter of persistence for SensorTec. To achieve it, we had to think of expanding our presence outside of ​Europe.
We have a manufacturing facility in Hungary and a Middle East sales and technical support office in Dubai, with a total of 120 employees.


SensorTec provides integrated solutions, which combine a wide range of devices, sensors, and software, such as surveillance radars, surveillance cameras, video analytics software, and C2. All of SensorTec​ solutions are designed to work in harmony.
Our solutions provide a comprehensive multi-layer approach to deliver situational awareness and interactive intelligence.

Key project references

Our customers include public authorities (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Governments etc.) and Critical Facility entities (seaports, airports, energy producers, etc.)
Due to the nature of the projects and the sensitivity of the information, we are able to provide only partial customer reference information.