Football matches are among the most crowded community events. Tens of thousands of people in one place at any time create a high-risk security situation. The SensorTec Stadium Video Surveillance System Provides a safer environment in stadiums.



The reliable surveillance system helps prevent any unnecessary incident by delivering high-definition videos both in real-time and via continuous recording. With SensorTec, the security staff can handle security incidents quickly, effectively and appropriately, as well as to provide irrefutable video or still image evidence in court.

Several 20 Megapixel SensorTec cameras cover The entire seating bowl of the stadium

Virtual 3D modelling

Careful design helps in achieving the required picture resolution while keeping the costs at bay

Stadium operators can get an early overview of the entire surveillance system with respect to quality requirements

The final plan contains the exact 3D model of the stadium with accurate camera positions

Simulated views of each camera ease system installation


Stitched panoramic images up to 200 MP resolution cover the entire seating bowl
Recognizable faces at every seat in the stadium during the whole event
User-friendly system management

Flexible system structure owing to individually installed cameras


Face recognition at every seat

Several 20 Megapixel SensorTec cameras cover the entire seating bowl of the stadium

Individual streams are seamlessly stitched together to create virtual panoramic views

There are neither hidden nor redundant areas on the panoramic images

Permanent security footage during the entire event with a resolution high enough for face recognition at every seat (250-400 pixel/m)

Minute details by additional full HD PTZ cameras

Additional SensorTec Full HD cameras are working in concert with the multi-megapixel panoramic camera system

Interactive PTZ control on the panoramic images by selecting the desired area

Optically zoomed images with 1000 pixel/meter resolution

Outside the seating bowl

A wide range of fixed perimeter cameras from 2 to 20 Megapixels

Monitoring each perimeter area of the stadium from the gates to the corridors

Full HD PTZ cameras permanently scan the stadium environment