The solution is developed to efficiently protect critical infrastructure sites, such as nuclear and power plants, oil refineries, ports, and other industrial facilities, from perimeter intrusions and internal threats.
SensorTec’s intelligent Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Real-time Decision-Making Support (RTDMS) ensure a safer environment and smooth infrastructure operation. They help minimise false alarm rates and also increase situational awareness.
Each area of a critical infrastructure facility can be covered, delivering the necessary resolution for the desired functions.
SensorTec 200-320 MP Panorama Cameras monitor vast areas and long perimeter sections. Places obscured for panoramas can be covered with high-end 20 MP single and 6 MP PTZ cameras. Built-in or integrated, synchronised IR laser flashes ensure proper illumination in areas with moderate lighting during night monitoring.
• Object tracking: automatic detection, classification, tracking, and localization of unlimited.

• Situational awareness: helps avoid collisions between vehicles and protects industrial buildings and facilities.

• High-resolution footage: Security footage can serve as irrefutable visual evidence during investigations of already-occurring incidents