Airport Security Solution

Airports are an essential part of transportation systems around the world. Huge, more complex airports are more likely to undergo constant stress and face increased security and logistics issues.


Monitoring all broad areas of airports effectively, while being able to help the ground support equipment is a real challenge. SensorTec created an end-to-end Airport Video Monitoring solution that can overcome these issues and provides a solid base for airport security and ground support logistics.

Airport staff have to work in crowded, fast-paced environments that allow for no mistakes. At an International Airport, the logistics of aircraft and various ground handling services can go in different directions than what was planned for a given day.

Fast reaction and well-organised steps are crucial in stressed situations to avoid costly delays and accidents. Although most incidents are not malicious, airports need to be prepared for criminal activities as well. Passengers, staff and assets need to be protected.


The 200 MP Panorama camera

The 200 MP Panorama camera provides real-time, high-resolution visual information on the airfield and supports all maintenance work. Operators can use the advanced zoom functions of the Airport Video Client, allowing them to observe the entire area as if they were using binoculars.


SensorTec 200 MP Panorama and 6 MP PTZ cameras that serve logistics tasks can also perform security video surveillance. SensorTec Panorama provides an expanded, unobstructed view for operators of the entire monitored area. Security operators in the control room can detect any suspicious behavior or internal threat.

different areas of airports with different functions

Coverage & Call for specific security measures.


Monitoring significant areas of airports effectively while being able to help the ground support equipment is a real challenge. SensorTec created an end-to-end Airport Video Monitoring solution that can overcome these issues and provides a solid base for airport security and ground support logistics.
Different areas of airports with different functions call for specific security measures.

The SensorTec Airport Video Monitoring solution has been developed to help the ground control operators by creating a new base for observation with images of several hundred megapixels.

Instead of looking through a window with their naked eyes or with binoculars, operators watch high-resolution images on a video wall and monitors at their workstations.
IDs of the aircraft and moving objects with informational virtual layers are also displayed on the images.

The SensorTec system is capable of receiving the GPS coordinates of various objects from the A-SMGCS. This information is then matched with the VCA-recognized objects in the panoramic images. This way the aircraft registration numbers and IDs of ground support vehicles equipped with GPS position transponders can be displayed with the camera images

Monitoring Features

Virtual layers can be drawn on the panoramic images. They can either be predefined (e.g. outline of a parking position) or dynamically added (e.g. temporarily closed areas).
Layers can be private or visible for all operators.
User notes can also be recorded on the video display, for instance, to list which services have been already performed on an aeroplane.
Images can be tagged by operators to make searches easier during archive playback. In case of any negligence or accident, the situation can be investigated by watching the quality archive footage. For instance, if small damage has been discovered on the aeroplane during maintenance service, details of the case can be brought to light using the high-resolution images. Any frame of the stored video stream may constitute irrefutable visual evidence.

The system can transfer the pictures to various places. This way several different departments can work with the same system, for example, security, fire departments or disaster recovery services.

The SensorTec video monitoring starts even before passengers and staff arrive at the airport. The system can monitor surrounding areas, the main access roads and even nearby public transportation stations. Thanks to the advanced SensorTec Video Content Analysis (VCA) aided by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), blacklisted vehicles can be detected even before they enter the airport.


In parking lots, it is useful that the Panorama camera can cover vast areas with stitched images. If trees or other objects are in the way of the observation area of the SensorTec Panorama camera, additional SensorTec cameras can cover the missing space, so nothing is hidden.
Once passengers and staff enter the airport building, their actions and movements can be tracked easily throughout the airport with SensorTec cameras. To conveniently follow the natural, most probable flow of people, several monitor profiles can be set in the easy-to-use SensorTec video management software, the Control Centre.

The SensorTec solution also protects airports from perimeter intrusion. The system can receive the alarm signals of the 3rd-party Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. The SensorTec PTZ automatically zooms to the specific area where the alarm comes from, and with the help of the embedded motion detection function, the PTZ camera precisely tracks the motion of the detected intruder. The PTZ also features focus tracking, ensuring that the image of the intruder is always clear and sharp.



The Panorama camera housing is complete with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a water tank with cleaning liquid and washers and wipers at all camera windows. The cleaning procedure can be scheduled and started automatically to facilitate the maintenance of the device significantly


SensorTec panoramic technology makes it possible to geometrically stitch images of individual sensors that are built into the Panorama camera house. The photos are taken synchronized manner, and as a result, there are no glitches or missing objects in the panoramic image.


The ePTZ function The specially-developed intelligent ePTZ automatic zoom function makes the whole surveillance process more automated and reliable. One can predefine areas in the panoramic image to automatically zoom to these areas when preconfigured events happen. Operators can immediately check on situations in the zoom windows that appear on the video monitor.


The JPEG2000 compression standard stands a basis for the Sens-zoom function, which makes it possible for the SensorTec Network Video Recorder to store images in full resolution, but send only the required, zoomed picture area in high resolution to the monitoring centre, while the rest of the image is carried in a lower resolution. This way the system remains bandwidth effective, although it works with hundreds of megapixels