SensorTec's Traffic Surveillance System continuously records high-resolution security footage of the monitored intersections. If a vehicle breaks the red light rule, the system automatically detects it with high precision.

END-TO-END Traffic Law Enforcement Solution

The primary goal of the SensorTec Traffic Violation System is to help manage the traffic flow and to maintain the security of daily traffic by automatically detecting and recording several types of traffic violations in problematic intersections
As well as provides traffic surveillance functions it is also suitable for city surveillance. The system maintains security on the streets by recording any suspicious, violent or criminal activity on high-quality .

SensorTec camera family covers a broad range of resolutions from Full HD to hundreds of Megapixels; therefore our devices can serve the needs of any industry with the best quality available.


Red Light Violation Detection

V-Shape Violation Detection

U-Turn Violation

Stop Line Violation Detection

Parking Violation Detection

Speeding Violation Detection

Wrong-Way Violation Detection

Truck Parking

Bus Lane Violation Detection

One-Way Violation Detection

Traffic Counting


A Fully Automatic Process

SensorTec’s revolutionary video Surveillance System brings a new level of quality to the world of security. Our innovative IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and Control Centre software work together to ensure a reliable end-to-end surveillance solution.
In extreme situations when only IR lights are valuable in the aspect of monitoring, the specially developed IR flash ensures the appropriate lighting to capture clear and sharp images. The IR flash is synchronised with the camera, and it flashes the monitored object at every recorded frame. 
The device lights the monitored object at every recorded frame with configured parameters.

SensorTec’s Traffic Surveillance System continuously records high-resolution security footages of the monitored intersections. If a vehicle breaks the red light rule, the system automatically detects it with high precision.
The System creates an event which will be saved to a database; furthermore, it downloads five images of the offending vehicle for further  evidential confirmation.

As a next step, the system automatically crops the license plates from the pictures and sends them to a
third-party license plate recognition software to identify them.

The license plate recognition software sends
back the identified data to the system which transmits the information to the Ministry of Interior.
The MoI sends back the relevant information.
(e.g., car type, colour, etc.) of the vehicle based on the identified license plate. 

This information is then entered into the system’s violations work basket. As the final step of the process, the operators confirm these automatically created violations.

SensorTec Traffic Solution Main Advantage

End-to-end solution:- SensorTec successfully combined automatic traffic violation detection methods, high frame rate and extremely high-resolution in an end-to-end solution, resulting in a safer and more organised traffic in modern cities.

Fewer cameras are needed:-SensorTec's 20 MP cameras are used at the intersections that can cover multiple lanes at the same time with enormous resolution

License-dependent violation detection:-There is no need for purchasing different hardware to detect different types of traffic violations. SensorTec can identify all the common types of traffic violations with the same hardware components.

Reliable operation 24/7:-The integrated IR Flash and the built-in, automatically changeable optical filters in the camera make it possible to get clear and sharp images day and night.

Automatic violation management process:-The system is capable of detecting and managing traffic violations automatically. SensorTec Traffic Violation Management solution collects data from connected ANPRs, country-specified vehicle databases and customer-managed lists, and creates a complete violation package, therefore, covering the entire procedure

Fast and easy evaluation process:-SensorTec developed the easy-to-use Violation Management Client with the aim of processing the most significant number of violations. Operators can evaluate thousands of traffic violations a day