Mobile surveillance systems (in-vehicle) can monitor both small and large areas of land or sea. They give operators high mobility and comfort, and it’s easy to upgrade the system with additional equipment. They are used for border surveillance, perimeter monitoring, and other surveillance missions. These vehicles can be connected to a command center and provide a vital component of a complete security and surveillance solution.

Mobile surveillance systems with different types of sensors

• LongRangeMulti-Sensor
( Day / LASERNightandThermal ) Camera.
• Precise 3D Tracking Radar, Digital Compass, GPS.
• Digital Map with Target Position.
Our design team finds a way to fill every corner of the vehicle with a solution. Each upgrade is installed and tested by our quality assurance team prior to delivery to our customers.
Our integrated systems enable police, security, and coastguards to monitor and protect distinct regions, like borders, ports, or events. This helps stop crimes, makes it safer, and makes it easier to keep an eye on things.
These rugged vehicles are designed for harsh environments