Traffic Law Enforcement

Violating traffic rules is increasingly becoming a crucial problem in modern urban environments. SensorTec has the contemporary answer for how to maintain security in everyday traffic. Fast reaction to traffic accidents, road-rage encounters, and traffic law violations are the keys to ensuring the safety of vehicles and even human life. The SensorTec end-to-end video surveillance system has been designed specifically with safety in mind.

System Key Features

  • End-to-end system from cameras through video recorders to specific video management software
  • Wide dynamic range multi-megapixel cameras of 20 MP and beyond to monitor intersections and roads
  • Specifically developed IR flash works integrated with the SensorTec cameras to provide clear and sharp images
  • Extremely detailed images for easy and accurate plate number recognition in every light conditions
  • High frame rate surveillance
  • Visually lossless JPEG2000 compression standard
  • Operation over low-bandwidth networks

Key functionalities

Advanced Video Content Analysis

  • Stop line violation detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Bus lane violation detection
  • Parking violation detection
  • Traffic counting

Zone violation detections

  • Automatic VCA detection of any vehicle that violates relevant zone rules (e.g.: stop sign, bus lane, parking place)
  • Machine recognition of plate numbers of the offending vehicles
  • Automatic resolution reduction on the designated picture area in order to protect privacy rights
  • Manual or event triggered download of the security footage
  • Create probative visual evidence

Red light violation detection

  • Automatic VCA detection of red light violations
  • Recognition of the plate numbers of the offending vehicles
  • Interfacing to Government system’s database to identify the offender
  • Universal interface for connection to traffic light controllers for ease capturing of traffic light states
  • Providing irrefutable visual evidence

Traffic counting

  • VCA based automatic vehicle counting
  • Accurate, reliable operation
  • The process of the maintenance is easier in contrast with the installed induction loop traffic counter
  • Monitoring traffic load in each lane
  • Direct connection to traffic light system for dynamic traffic light control