Many currently installed outdoor security camera systems do not meet the requirements of a smart city. Most cameras have limited image resolution, and multiple cameras must be installed to cover a small area. Not only are they impractical, but they also ruin the cityscape. SensorTec has created a city video surveillance solution that is more efficient, practical, and delivers much better image quality. SensorTec Smart City Solution is built with high-end IP cameras, such as the 200 panoramic cameras, that can monitor vast areas from a single vantage point.
These devices can replace hundreds of conventional full-HD IP cameras. SensorTec cameras can deliver high resolution, which is high enough for face recognition even at a great distance.
The other goal of the Sensortec Safe and Smart City Solution is to provide intelligent city video surveillance. The system is able to efficiently surveil large-scale areas 24/7 and help cites maintain security on their streets. Thanks to real-time information shar-NCE coming, operators can react quickly to any suspicious activity, and the proper authorities can take efficient security measures. All violent and criminal activities are captured on high-resolution security footage, where face recognition is possible even at far distances. These recordings can be used as irrefutable visual evidence on demand.