Anti-Drone / Counter UAS

The increased proliferation of Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has provided many opportunities for beneficial uses, but it has equally provided a greater security risk of them being used for malicious purposes. The threat from UAS is being seen across all domains, whether that be Civilian Airports, National borders or on the modern Battlefield.

The Sensortec Counter UAS solutions assist Law Enforcement and Military organisations in the protection of their critical assets and personnel, from these Rogue drones. Our Counter UAS solutions offer a combination of technologies that allow the ability to Monitor, Detect, Track, Identify and Defeat drones. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to countering the drone threat or a single silver bullet and hence Sensortec has developed a number of solutions, and integrated class leading technologies, to provide best in class solutions.

Drone technology is quickly evolving and our solutions are designed to be adaptable to not only the environment in which they are deployed, but also to the changing threat, providing a future proof counter measure.

Whether you just need to know there is a drone in your location, or you have troops on the ground that need protection from this new aerial threat then we have a solution that can help you.

RF Spectrum Detection

Sensortecs RF Spectrum Detector achieves real-time detection and early-warning of drone signals transmitted with a minimum 0.1W, even under complex electro-magnetic environments, with a detection range of up to 10km  

A first of its kind, it not only gives the direction of detected drone but is also able to estimate the range and display real time mapping of the drones tracks. It provides information on the drones make and model based on our signal feature database, which includes over 95% of COTS drones in the world.  

Sensortec has a number of RF detection solutions available, designed and integrated, for different use cases. Whether the requirement is for basic RF spectrum monitoring around a sports stadium or protection of a highly secure Airforce base. We have a solution that can help.

Radar Detection

Detection by radar automatically sends the drone/ UAV track information to our command and control centre. Specially created alert zones trigger alarms, when breached, meaning no need for constant monitoring of the control centre software. We can also provide instant messaging to mobile phones.  

Radar is ideal for providing low altitude, low speed, early warning for some important Military and National Infrastructure facilities. Radar is also important if there is a threat of Autonomous (pre-programmed) drone attack.  

Sensortec can provide an integrated 2D and 3D radar capability for enhanced detection of autonomous slow, low altitude drones.


UAV identification and visual tracking  

Along with the tracking of the drone provided via the Radar and RF detection solutions Sensortec provides tracking using multi-sensor cameras provides visual confirmation of target type. Multi-sensor cameras send continuous real-time video stream for target identification and visual tracking.

Sensortec has a number of cooled and uncooled multi-sensor camera solutions to enable to visual tracking of drones.


The soft kill approach  

Radio Frequency Defeat  

Sensortec has integrated a specialised range of RF inhibitors designed to disrupt the control, and if required, navigational signals of unauthorised UAVs. These inhibitors stop the communication signal between the drone and remote controller by jamming this data link. The added ability provided by the RF detection unit, mentioned earlier, means this jamming frequency can be more precisely applied, minimising collateral damage. In the majority of circumstances this precision inhibition of the signals causes the drone to either hover, land or return to its take off point, ensuring the security of the low-altitude airspace.

Some of the RF defeat solutions we have available are cutting edge and information can only be shared once a mutual NDA is in place.

Hard Kill options

In certain circumstance the above” soft kill” solution isn’t enough. Sensortec can provide a number of “Hard Kill” solutions, which vary in their method, based on the end use case.

If you have an Anti Drone/ Counter UAS requirement please contact us via the contact us web page and we will be happy to advise you on what support we can provide.