City Surveillance Solutions

Many of currently installed outdoor security camera systems do not meet the requirements of a Smart City. The cameras, most often, have poor image resolution, and many cameras have to be installed just to cover a small area. Not only are they impractical, but they also ruin the cityscape.

SensorTec created a City Video Surveillance solution that is more efficient, practical and delivers a much better image quality. SensorTec Smart City Solution is built with high-end IP cameras such as the 200 panoramic cameras that can monitor vast areas from a single view point. These devices can replace hundreds of conventional Full HD IP cameras. SensorTec cameras can deliver up to 600 MP resolution, which is high enough for face recognition even at a great distance.

Key elements:

Crime Deterrence/Prevention: The primary goal of city surveillance is to enhance public safety through effective collection of events which might have otherwise been missed because of limited law enforcement manpower.
Collect Evidence: Video surveillance simply becomes the primary method of gathering proof of crimes, and ascertaining which parties were involved.
Traffic Monitoring automobile Detects real time changes in traffic flow and adjusts timing parameters constantly to match changing traffic patterns and achieve optimized operation.
Violation of public policy: Parking rule violation, Video content analysis, Stop sign violation, Red light violation, Bus lane violation, Speed Detection.