Stadium & Venue Security

Football matches are among the most crowded community events. Tens of thousands of people being in the same place at the same time creates a high risk security situation.

The SensorTec Stadium Video Surveillance System provides a safer environment in any stadium or arena. This reliable surveillance system helps prevent any unnecessary incident by providing highdefinition video both in real time and via continuous recording. 

With SensorTec, the security staff is able to handle security incidents quickly, effectively and appropriately, as well as to provide irrefutable video or still image evidence in a court of law.

This solution enables security personnel to identify any person who would break the law or details about any abnormal incident. Using multiple 200 megapixel Real-Time panoramic cameras for any stadium, the whole seating area in addition to the green field can be wholly covered. This also includes all entrances/exits that are monitored and controlled using automatic barriers as well as car parks and gathering areas.