Illegal border crossing has become a very common issue in modern society. Securing its borders is a top priority for every country.

In some cases, hundreds or even thousands of kilometers need to be protected around the clock, which imposes a heavy burden on operators and patrol units. Besides national borders, important facilities with long perimeters could be exposed to different risks.

Borders can be protected by walls and fences, but these are usually ineffective by themselves. It is also very common for
there to be no barriers at a border. In either case, the reliable detection of threats is especially important for achieving secure
environments. SensorTec employs a system referred to as the Multiple Technologies Detection and Tracking Unit (MTDTU), which provides the ability to track multiple targets simultaneously.

MTDTU uses radar, infrared laser, panoramic, and thermal surveillance to enable the detection, tracking, identification, and
classification of illegal border entries. This system provides the necessary situational awareness between the Ports of Entry
along the border.