Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Critical Facilities, like nuclear power generation and water utilities, clearly demand maximum security.
  • The primary roles of security cameras in a critical facility are perimeter protection and identifying potential threats from a distance.
  • The major challenge is to react as soon as possible whenever a threat materializes and therefore have a real time and accurate picture of the situation.
  • Protection of such infrastructures requires an overall understanding of the situation. The ultimate goals are to avoid risk exposure and to save security personnel.

Key Components

Perimeter sensor:
A sensor along the fence line that detects motion sends alerts back to the security control room.


  • With each alert there is an alarm and the view from the camera where motion was detected will automatically populate on the screen.
  • Cameras using people-detecting analytics are integrated with the facility’s perimeter detection system.

Multiple technology tracking and detection

SensorTec integrated solution employs different security sensors and systems that take advantage of the strengths of multiple technologies:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Electronic access control
  • Day and night video surveillance
  • Advanced tracking radars
  • Thermal imaging cameras

SensorTec specializes in the design of multi-layer protection based on the integration of various sub-systems:

Perimeter protection:
  • Perimeter sensors and virtual fencing
  • Cameras (Video Motion Detection, PTZ, etc.)
Outdoor security systems:
  • Vehicle tracking system, surveillance radars
  • Special surveillance systems, etc.
Indoor security systems
  • Passenger identification system
  • Access control systems, as well as various identification technologies including biometric identification