Borders Protection

SensorTec employs a system referred to as the Multiple Technologies Detection & TrackingUnit (MTDTU), which provides the ability to track multiple targets simultaneously. MTDTU uses radar, infrared, laser, panoramic, and thermal surveillance to enable the detection, tracking,
identification, and classification of illegal border entries. This system provides the necessary situational awareness needed in between the Ports of Entry along the border.

A Command and Control (C2) center gathers information from a variety of sensors creating a tactical situation awareness picture to inform law enforcement forces, in real time, about any threat. This enables them to take immediate action.

SensorTec integrates the most efficient sensors:

Detect: To discover the presence of possible Items of Interest, including dismounted humans and humans mounted on animals or conveyances such as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, boats, rafts, and jet skis;
Identify/Classify: To determine whether a target is a human, animal, conveyance, or unknown and the associated level of threat.
Track: To follow the progress/movements of targets;
Predict: To anticipate illegal traffic actions prior to illegal activity;
Respond: To dispatch or employ law enforcement resources to address the target;
Deter: To dissuade illegal cross border activity, into and out of the country, by creating and assigning a certainty of immediate prohibition upon entry;
Resolve: To take final action, whether criminally, administratively, or otherwise. This includes capturing data, processing information, etc.