Uncooled Multisensor Camera up to 13.4 Km

Uncooled Multisensor Camera up to 13.4 Km

Uncooled Multisensor Camera combines visible camera, and thermal camera that suit long distance monitoring in total darkness and foggy/rainy environment. It has a U shape housing and with military quality, the camera is widely applied to coastal, seaport, airport, Forest fire prevention.
In the day time, HD lens and 2 megapixel color to B/W CMOS works. At night, the 640*512 uncooled thermal camera.Internal industrial-grade embedded electronic control system support theUncooled MultisensorCamera operation: zoom, focus, video switch, pan tilt. The integral aluminum alloy housing IP66
makes sure outdoor long running.

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General Functions

  • Aluminum alloy housing, anti-corrosion paint, anti-seawater corrosion, spherical housing, resisting 33m/s wind.
  • Precision positioning.
  • Data feedback: real-time feedback direction, angle, focal length and focusing data, track and locate the target. (cooperate with application software)
  • High load duty.
  • Max rotation speed 45°/s, min rotation speed 0.01°/s.
  • Pan rotation angle range 0-360°, tilt rotation angle range ±45°.
  • Uncooled Multisensor Camera combines thermal camera, visible camera, NIR laser illuminator, pan tilt, housing and decoder.
  • One integral aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, IP66, anti-dust.


Border defense, lake and river monitoring, airport security, city safety, forest fire prevention.

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