Uncooled Multisensor Camera Up To 11.15 Km

Uncooled Multisensor Camera Up To 11.15 Km

SensorTec multi sensor ST-U150-210 system provides maximum range performance with Un-cooled Thermal Imager , high resolution colour zooms TV camera with low light capability and laser rangefinder placed on a gyro stabilized movable platform. Hight resolution uncooled thermal camera enables clear sight picture in all weather conditions regardless of day or night use. System is also equipped with external video processing unit that is the “brain” of the system and allows you options like video tracking, image stabilization… This makes operators search for the target easier as it enables use of wide field of view when actual targeting takes place.

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General Functions

  • Simultaneous preview of day/ night camera and thermal
  • Continuous zoom on both payloads
  • Radar connectivity (Slew to Cue)
  • Radar tracking possibility
  • Target acquisition and tracking (auto or remote triggering)
  • Rigid system design
  • CE marked
  • Control and picture streaming via TCP/IP
  • Electronic image stabilization on both payloads
  • Temperature range of the whole system: -32 to  +60°C
  • Maximum humidity of the whole system:95%
  • IP rating of the whole system: IP67

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