ST-DVES-90-U is a vehicle vision system that enables the driver clear
vision in front of the vehicle in any conditions using a wide-angle Long
Wave Infra-Red thermal camera and visible camera. Not only does it
enable the user to see in pitch black environment but it also penetrates
through for much better and can detect objects that would not be visible
with naked eye by heat signature. Driver can observe the image on
a screen or also transmit video over ethernet to reorder / computer.
The camera is installed in a rugged compact enclosure that can withstand
any harsh environment. The operator / driver can customize camera
settings to enable best image quality using Control Console (White Hot
/ Black Hot, colour pellet, digital enhancements…). Thermal camera and
visible camera are in MIL-810 IP67 enclosure. Plug and play system which
includesST-DVES-90-U, 15” Monitor, Connection cable and Software.

15” Monitor


Specially designed software for situation awareness. It allows operator an unobstructed view over the surroundings of the armored vehicle with hatches closed. Operator can choose and split the screen and use both cameras simultaneously

Thermal Camera

Sensor Uncooled VOx Microbolometer (LWIR)
Resolution Uncooled VOx Microbolometer (LWIR)
Pixel Size 12 µm
Spectral Band 8 to 14 µm
Sensitivity (NEDT) f/1.0 @ Room Temperature < 50 mK
Frame Rate 25 / 30 Hz
Operation Shutter-less (optional with shutter)
Lens 4.1 mm Athermal
Defrost Yes
Field of View 89° x 75°
Analog Video NTSC / PAL
Control Console Yes (serial communication)
Operating voltage 18 – 28 Vdc
Power consumption 7 W max
Operating temperature -32°C to 55°C
Protection IP67
Standards MIL-810

Visible Camera

Image Sensor 1/2.7”
Total Pixels 1956(H) × 1266(V)Approx. 2.12M pixels
Effective Pixels 1944(H) × 1092(V)Approx. 2.48M pixels
Resolution Digital:1080P(30fps),720P(30fps)
HFOV 89°
Video Output Digital: HD-SDI (1080 p) / Analog: AHD/HD-TV/CVI (1080 p)
Defog Off/On, Low/Middle/High
Defrost Yes
Min-illumination Color:1.0LUX
Power(Max.) supply DC12V ±10%<1.6W
Operating temperature -32°C to 55°C
Protection IP67
Standards MIL-810

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