Spectrum 5

Spectrum 5

Spectrum 5 is a brand new record-breaking spectral efficiency 5 GHz Point-to-Point solution with
an impressive performance of up to 650 Mbps in 56 MHz channel size and up to 460 Mbps in 40
MHz. Spectrum 5 offers a unique combination of high performance, affordability and ease of

– Up to 650 Mbps
– 5 GHz
– Up to 1,200,000 pps

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Octopus SDR Platform

SensorTec’s latest Octopus Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform has been designed using a state-of-the-art proprietary SDR technology specifically aimed at increasing link performance several-fold. Addressing challenges such as limited spectrum availability, growing interference and demands for yet more capacity, Spectrum 5 combines the best features from SensorTec’s well-proven MIMO 2×2 Link and Turbo families, as well as numerous cutting-edge wireless breakthroughs, to deliver unparalleled performance in all weather conditions. Spectrum 5 is based on the brand new Octopus SDR platform, making this family of PTP solutions fully future proof and allowing it to improve its PHY, MAC and upper layer features remotely via a simple firmware upgrade, including for units already deployed in the field.


Spectrum 5 can be deployed in a diverse range of applications, from backhauling for Wi-Fi and small cell to CCTV and video-surveillance infrastructures. It can also provide Internet access to remote locations.

Top Facts


The Spectrum 5 solution offers significant cost savings when compared to other cabled and wireless solutions available in today’s marketplace. It is the first product from SensorTec Wireless designed primarily for the SOHO market and small service providers.

Optimal Performance in all Operational Conditions

Spectrum 5 supports 14 modulation-coding schemes, which makes it easily distinguishable from other solutions. Even when operating in high interference environments, Spectrum 5 dynamically selects the most suitable MCS for each polarization, and ensures the delivery of all packets transmitted using an advanced ARQ algorithm.

Interference Mitigation

Spectrum 5 has a number of built-in interference mitigation techniques. The Instant DFS technology allows automatic frequency channel change in case of congestion or radar detection, all achieved with zero outage. Thanks to its support of H-FDD (also known as split-frequency mode), it identifies and selects uplink and downlink channels independently.

Ease of Installation

Quick and ease of installation reduces field deployment costs and facilitate rapid service delivery.


Guaranteed and stable connectivity even in the most adverse weather conditions, including extreme temperature ranges from -40° to +60°C, thunderstorms and wind speeds of up to 160 km/h.


ThroughputUp to 650 Mbps, net aggregate
Packet performanceUp to 1,200,000 packets per second
LatencyUp to 1.7 ms for the air frame 1 ms, depends on air frame value

Radio Technology

Modulation coding schemes14 MCS – from QPSK to QAM256
Frequency range4900 – 6000 MHz
Channel width3.5, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 20, 28, 30, 40, 50*, 56* MHz
Center frequency adjustment step1 MHz
Transmit powerUp to 27 dBm
Receiver sensitivityDown to -101 dBm
Duplex schemeTDD, H-FDD
MIMO 2×2Supported
AntennaIntegrated dual polarization flat panel 18, 23, 25 or 28 dBi
Connectorized: 2x N-type connectors for external dual-polarization antenna
Maximal rangeUp to 40 km for 23 dBi antenna
More than 200 km for high gain external antenna

Air Protocol

Air frameConfigurable from 1 to 10 ms
Uplink/Downlink ratioConfigurable from 50:50 to 92:8, in any direction
Automatic modulation controlSupported
Automatic rangingSupported
Interference MitigationInstant DFS

Wired Interfaces

Ethernet1x GigabitEthernet port (RJ45)
PoE802.3at or Infinet Wireless proprietary passive PoE

qos and network protocols

QoS8 Queues
Packet classification802.1p
Network protocolsVLAN, 802.1ad (DVLAN Q-in-Q)**, 802.1Q**
Jumbo frame supportUp to 9038 bytes
Network timingIEEE 1588v2 transparent clock**

management and installation

LED indicationPower status, link status and RSSI indication
Management protocolsHTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SNMP, Telnet
Web GUI toolsAntenna alignment tool, Spectrum analyzer


Operating temperature range From – 40º to +60º
Dust and water protection IP66, IP67
Wind load 160 km/h – operational; 200 km/h – survival
Power supply IDU-CPE-G(24W), IDU-BS-G (60W), IDU-LA-G(V.01), AUX- ODU-INJ-G
Power consumption Up to 15 W


SafetyEN/IEC 62368-1:2014/A11:2017, UL 62368-1:2014, EN 62311:2008
RadioEN 301 893 v.2.1.1, EN 302 502 v.2.1.1, FCC part 15.407
EMCETSI EN 301 489-1 v.2.1.1, ETSI EN 301 489-17 v.3.1.1, FCC Part 15 Class B
RoHS3EN IEC 63000:2018

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