Smart Anti-Drone/C-UAV Solutions

Smart Anti-Drone/C-UAV Solutions

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Countering the threat caused by rogue drones is now a global issue and an increasing concern for the military, government and homeland security forces across the world.
It is expected that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will be used increasingly for malicious purposes as they can carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives and are being used increasingly for terrorism, espionage and smuggling purposes


The response needs to be:

  • Multilayered to enhance success probability and obviate saturation.
  • Immediate, Fast, and Overwhelming.
  • High speed interception at stand-off ranges
  • Capability to designate specific missiles to specific drones in a swarm.
Sensortec is capable of neutralizing such an attack using a multilayered defence.

Drone Detect, Track, Identify, neutralize

It’s no different when you’re trying to maintain situational awareness for drones monitor,  detect, track and identify applications.

  • Radar for detection at long range
  • Radio Frequency direction finding for detection and Identification
  • Optical and thermal imaging for tracking and classification
  • Weapon System to neutralize the drone.
These various sensors act as senses to the DTI system, helping provide situational awareness to the operators.

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