SensorTec Multi sensor system ST-CHD800-1000

SensorTec Multi sensor system ST-CHD800-1000

Product description

Multi sensor system (MS) is composed of a Day/Night Camera, Thermal Camera mounted on a pan-tilt unit. Day/Night and thermal cameras are installed on the same optical axis with a deviation of less than 0.05 dgr. The videos from both Day/Night and thermal cameras are available simultaneously as digital video  H.264. MS includes a built-in test and status mechanism. All video distribution to viewing workstations is done digitally. Both video digital streams have low latency.


Multi sensor system is equipped with day and night vision system and allows observation under all weather conditions even in fog, rain or snow. There is a thermal camera and a day-night high resolution camera with very high optical zoom placed on a movable pan & tilt platform. The platform will be able to turn the cameras in all directions, both in azimuth and elevation and controlled from the vehicle’s operator place or remotely by the existing C&CC. The movable platform –pan tilt can accept different commands from the C&CC like home position, extremely slow speed, high speed, variable speed in small steps-continuous, panoramic observation with constant speed, tour mode. A standard protocol is used. Day/Night and Thermal cameras have continuous optical zoom and continuous digital zoom. The System will provide stable picture in windy conditions with known – proven methods. The method chosen by the contractor will fulfil the end user expectations.

Construction and connection

  • The operator at the C&CC will be able to monitor the status of this power supply system. All data signals output from the MS can be sent to C&CC over a single Ethernet connection

System configuration

  • Cooled MWIR Thermal camera
  • Day/Night camera
  • Pan-Tilt Blade
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Video processing unit (VPU-ST)

General features

  • Simultaneous preview of day/night camera and thermal
  • Continuous zoom on both payloads
  • Radar connectivity (Slew to Cue)
  • Radar tracking possibility
  • Target acquisition and tracking (auto or remote triggering)
  • Rigid system design
  • Analytics board: video stabilization, multi object tracking
  • CE marked
  • Control and picture streaming via TCP/IP
  • Gyro stabilized pan-tilt platform (Optional)
  • Electronic image stabilization on both payloads
  • Temperature range of the whole system: -32 to +60°C
  • Maximum humidity of the whole system: 95%
  • IP rating of the whole system: IP67

General features

  • ST-CHD series incorporates an incredible 1.3 mega pixel MWIR cooled detector. It   has   similar    features  as   ST-CHD series only with HD resolution. The resolution is downsized to HD 1280×720 to have a standard 16:9 ratio video image. Just like ST-CHD series,ST-CHD series features a long-life cooler which produce virtual zero maintenance system with an extremely high MTBF. ST-CHD series comes with continuous zoom lens options with F/4 that ensures best image and long-range performance even with this huge detector. This makes ST-CHD series cameras and ideal tool for very long-range observation over sea and land in HD resolution.

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