Precise 3D tracking Radar up to 7km

Precise 3D tracking Radar up to 7km

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  • • SOFTWARE DEFINED: Coverage prediction , Advanced tracking ,
    AI-powered classification , API enabled.


    • JOINT FORCES: Integration with: ECM/C-UAS , APS/VPS , Perimeter security.

    • ST-7R3D-R Software Defined: Hi-tech devices need proper software to enhance their
    capabilities – our 3D radars come equipped with dedicated tools that guarantee robustness,
    provide reliability and build trust.
    The process starts with our Prediction Software which analyzes terrain and presents
    actionable information on optimum radar setup, locations and detection likelihood.
    Integrate through API with your C2 platform.
    Improve your combat readiness and effectiveness thanks to advanced AI-based tracking
    and classification algorithms.


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