Outdoor ups

Outdoor ups

Online Outdoor UPS is specially designed for outdoor communication, networking
equipment which provide pure uninterrupted AC power equipment and primarily use in city corner, countryside, or mountain area. A series designed measure with high temperature resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention and waterproof and anti-lightning protection, also with wide input voltage range and frequency range: pure, stable and reliable output waveform etc. It completely solves the networking communication equipment’s interference and power interrupted in poor power supply environment. Therefore, this online outdoor UPS is widely used in communication, broadcasting, aviation and other fields of outdoor communication base station power supply


Strong environmental adaptability

    • P55 protection. dust prevention & waterproof, perfectly fits in poor environment
    • High and low temperature resistance, operating normally at -30°C to +65°C
    • Anti-lightning protection, the system equipped with no less than 1.2KV/10KV pluggable SPD Wide adaptability to power grid
    • Wide input voltage range and frequency range from 11 OVac to 300Vac and 40-60Hz, perfectly ts in poor power grid environment
    • High voltage protection circuit, can exceed input voltage range without damage
    • Online double conversion construction, completely eliminate the communication equipment’s interference

Variety of accessories base on demand

    • Provide variety of optional installation accessories, depends on your demands with rack mounted type or tower type, and so on.
    • Provide the function of twice power off, UPS can be set to power off unimportant load in battery mode, which will insure the backup time of important load. Provide the dry contact for twice power off.
    • Can be fixed with a SNMP card to do remote monitoring and managing, which will provide real-time information and data of UPS.
    • Dual conversion technology and Os for switch between AC mode and DC mode, which will ensure never power off of load.
    • With unmanned surveillance management, when batteries run out of energy, and AC is resumed, UPS will start automatically to take load.
    • With fault diagnosis function, can analyze the fault through LED quickly.
    • With cold start function, can start UPS with batteries without AC power, which can satisfy demands of emergency power supply.
    • Contain the RS232 port and dry contact port, which will be convenient for communication with monitor device.

Advanced technology and powerful function

    • Adopt DSP digital control technology, and simplify the control circuit, which will improve system reliability effectively.
    • Adopt PFC circuit to raise the input power factor, reduce the harmonic pollution from UPS.and raise the utilization factor of the grid, reduce the
      cost of UPS working.
    • The efficiency of UPS will be more than 90%, which will reduce the waste and temperature in cabinet


Model        ST-HW1K ST-HW2K ST-HW3K
Power 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA
Output rating 1000VA/800W 2000VA/1600W 3000VA/2400W
Rated output voltage 220Vac
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC input voltage range Load < 50%: 11 O ± 5Vac to 295 ± 5Vac; Load =50%: 140 ± 5Vac to 295 ± 5Vac
AC input frequency range 45Hz – 55Hz / 55-65Hz
Frequency track speed 1Hz/s
Input power factor >0.98 ( full load)
DC input way 1 way DC input
DC power supply voltage 24VDC 48VDC 72VDC
Float voltage ( 25ºC) (27.5 ± 0.4)VDC (55 ± 0.6)VDC (82.5 ± 0.9)VDC
Battery type Free maintenance seal lead-acid gel battery
Battery capacity Compatible ( 12V/100AH)
DC output way 1 way for once electricity output; 1 way for second electricity output 1 input/output isolation zero line row
Output voltage precision 220 ( 1 ± 2% ) VAC
Output frequency precision 50 ( 1 ± 0.2% ) Hz
Output wave form Standard sine wave
overall efficiency ≥90%
 Output voltage wave form   distortion Linear load<3%; Nonlinear load<6%
Output current peak factor 3:1 (Max.)
Overload capacity ≥110%: After1 MIN turn bypass; >150%: After 200ms turn bypass
Transfer time Oms: The mains supply model and convert between battery mode<2.5ms:
Twice electricity function Support twice electricity function
Outdoor unit defend grade IP55
Lightning protection grade Input C grade Lightning protection
Work temperature -20 to 65ºC
Store temperature -25 to 65ºC
Relative humidity 0-95% No water-drop
Sea level elevation < 1500m; more than1500m Sea level elevation need to derate
Protection function With the utility voltage is too high/low: Output voltage is too high/low; Overload; Short circuit; Inverter temperature is too high; Battery low roltage; Battery charging: Surge: The lightning on the protection function
Dry contact alarm function Support
Output type Relay output
Alarm signal 1.UPS module stoppage 2.mains supply abnormal 3.battery low voltage 4. entrance guard 5.UPS module inside high temperature 6.Lightning protection failure
Outdoor overall dimensions WxDxH 1 KVA(with 2PCS battery) 2KVA(with 4PCS battery) 3KVA(with 6PCS battery)
660 x 700 x 1000mm 660 x 900 x 1400mm 660 x 900 x 1400mm


< 45dB

Mains supply isolation

within mains supply input isolation transformer

Manual operation bypass switch

Within manual operation bypass switch

inlet/outlet place

Equipment cabinet bottom

Heads pace

Obligate a standard 3U space

Type of cooling

Forced cooling

Box flame plating

Flame plating outdoor type powder


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