MIMO PMP 2×2 Family

MIMO PMP 2×2 Family

▶ WISP access infrastructure
▶ Last mile for video surveillance and public safety infrastructures
▶ Flexible connectivity for SCADA systems
▶ Internet access for difficult to reach locations
▶ Backhauling for public Wi-Fi networks



WISP’s do not merely deliver connectivity; they manage a complex and challenging business. Their customers demand high performance, guaranteed data security and zero downtime. WISP engineers have to manage their operations using sophisticated network solutions from multiple vendors. Their competition is increasing whilst their ARPU is decreasing. At SensorTec Wireless, we designed the MIMO PMP 2×2 Family of solutions to address the exact needs of wireless professionals.
MIMO PMP 2×2 Family provides the ultimate solution for all types of professionals in the wireless technologies arena.

High performance = High revenue

The MIMO PMP 2×2 Family base station provides a high throughput and quality of service to a larger number of subscribers, ultimately helping to generate additional revenue streams and profits.

Reliable solution for demanding tasks

The family of solutions guarantees many years of uninterrupted operation, thanks to its completely sealed enclosure, which is resistant to moisture and salt damage. All MIMO PMP 2×2 Family products also come equipped with an advanced lightning protection.

Integrated router for complicated network scenarios

The MIMO PMP 2×2 Family has a built-in router functionality, eliminating the cost of installing an additional SOHO router at the customer’s premises. Potential cyber-security issues can be quickly addressed with a built-in firewall.

Versatile model range of subscriber terminals

The subscriber units provided with this product family are dual band, able to operate in both the 5 GHz and 6 GHz frequency bands. They can be fitted with a range of integrated and external antennas to cater for both short distances as well as longer ones of 25 km and further.

Technical Specifications



  • Voice/RTP Aware Superpacketing
  • DFS
  • Automatic Bitrate Control
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control
  • Automatic Distance Learning
  • Channel Time Adjustment
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode
  • Channel testing tools


  • Ethernet-over-IP, IP-over-IP tunneling
  • ARP protocol support
  • MAC/IP filtering
  • Full-fledged 2nd layer switch
  • RIPv2 / OSPFv2 /static routing
  • L2/L3 Firewall
  • NAT (multipool, H.323-aware)
  • DHCP client/server/relay

Standard compliance

Radio (pending)
– EN 301 893 v.2.1.1
– EN 302 502 v.2.1.1
– FCC part 15.407
EMC (pending)
– EN 301 489-1
– EN 301 489-17
– FCC Part 15 Class B
Safety (pending)
– EN/IEC 62368-1:2014
– UL 62368-1:2014
RoHS (pending)
– RoHS3 Directives 2015/863/EU


  • 17 priority queues
  • IEEE 802.1p support
  • IP TOS / DiffServ support
  • Full voice support
  • Traffic limiting (absolute, relative, mixed)
  • Traffic redirection


  • Outdoor Units: -40..+60°C, 100% humidity, condensing
  • Indoor Unit: 0..+40°C,95% humidity, non-condensing
  • IP66/IP67

Security features

  • Storm / flood protection
  • Password protection
  • Secure command-line access via SSH protocol

Product Highlights

  • Single system covering multiple bands as one subscriber terminal operates in 4.9‑6.4 GHz frequency bands
  • Thanks to a built‑in firewall and rich security features, traffic security is under your full control
  • The most comprehensive networking feature set: full‑fledged L2 switch supporting VLAN, Q‑in‑Q, STP, static and dynamic routing
  • Base station sectors with smart beamforming technology supported to increase capacity two‑fold and improve interference and noise immunity
  • Advanced Quality‑of‑Service and Traffic Shaping features for in‑depth service packages design
  • Unique network reliability and management capabilities through proprietary MINT network architecture
  • Backward compatibility with The MIMO PMP 2×2 Family units
  • Cost‑effective base station models ST-B5360i and ST-B5360e for low‑density sectors

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