IP Based Access Control System

IP Based Access Control System



  • Card rights, time profiles has been stored by the controller (basically 10.000 stored cards – extension available)
  • Log storage in controller (basically MSG 120.000 stored logs, ST-300C and ST-308C 30.000 stored logs, extension available)
  • Card right dependent access grant (restriction possible for each access point in direction or time)
  • Each direction access grant can require Card, PIN code, Card and PIN Code
  • Offline operation based on stored configuration
  • Daily scheduled or manual door operation modes (appropriate strike required)
  • Special features for card access
  • Arm/disarm alarm partition
  • Master access dependent, normal card entry/li>
  • Holiday register
  • Headcount limit (ex.: for parking p lace management)
  • Option al Work time terminal
  • Optional PIN terminal l
  • Each directions have separated hand button input with time profile
  • Independent strike handling for each direction
  • Independent door open sensor for each direction
  • Elevator control for 6 floors (extension available with elevator extension module)
  • Pulse control (from 0,1 s up to more than 1year)
  • Antipass -back ,Antipass-out, soft Antipass (offline mode)
  • Card collector handling
  • 4 zone burglar alarm
  • Barrier control with card read tilt function
  • Turnstile control (simple)
  • Turnstile control (with entry queue)
  • General input/output log/control
  • Random select for checking on exit (OC signal)
  • Hardware strike un lock for fire center signal
  • RS232 reader support — ST-300C, MSG Wiegand reader support
  • Integration with plate number recognition system (Cyclops)



  • All modules are Windows services
  • Automatic database backup
  • Database archive function
  • Automatic import (cardholders, 1ights) – Automatic export
  • Automatic guest card withdraw-Configuration download – (automatic or manual start with client software)
  • Log request and process – (automatic or manual start with client software)

Visitors Management

  • Person localization
  • In office list
  • Show employee photo on entry
  • Key management
  • Guest card management (issue, withdraw)
  • Substitute card (original card disabled)
  • Zone management (clearing, moving between zones)
  • Guest list management
  • Print cardholders location (fire alarm list)

Configuration Client

  • Hardware components setup
  • Program user account manager
  • Admin istration of cardholders
  • Card rights administration
  • Alarm rights administration (movement controlled arm/disarm)
  • Controller status view (Controller service)

Report Management

  •  Raw event list
  • Attendance register (simplified worktime register)
  • Worktime map
  • Guest lists
  • Non-used card list
  • List of employees

Control Center

  •  Event list and map view
  • Remote one-shot door open with map or monitor profile
  • Remote door operation mode set

Time Attendance

  • Work order management
  • Time balance calculation
  • Automatic time shift recognition
  • Personal timetable
  • Quick and efficient correction of misuse of cards
  • Arranged, filtered worktime list (email sending, exporting functions)
  • Attendance register

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