320MP, Long Range, Visible &Thermal Panoramic camera

320MP, Long Range, Visible &Thermal Panoramic camera

Product description

SensorTec Panorama camera produces a hundred of megapixel large images on which every detail is clearly visible in all lighting conditions. The camera provide wide dynamic range images, have an improved low-light performance and extra high sensitivity. The camera housing contain a thermal camera for 6400 x 1024 pixel resolution. The thermal panoramic camera eciently operates under several weather conditions. This camera is able to cover large areas with high resolution from a single viewpoint. The panoramic images ensure an expanded view. Operators can continuously observe the whole monitored area on one camera image without redundant or hidden areas. The huge resolution even makes it possible to recognize faces at a large distance. The camera house is completed with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a tank with cleaning liquid, a dispenser system and wipers at every window for the best images. 


– 1” size, CMOS image sensors with extra high-sensitivity
– 320 MP Visible image resolution
– 6400×1024 Thermal image resolution
– Monitoring vast areas
– Stitched panoramic images with white balance correction
– Synchronized imaging
– 20 FPS at full resolution
– JPEG2000 wavelet-based, visually lossless compression
– 10 Gbps SFP+ socket
– All-metal construction of the camera housing
– Quality glass windows with glass heating
– Automatic self-cleaning system
– Active and passive cooling system


  • – Precise panoramic image stitching in the software.
    – White balance correction between the stitched camera images.
    – Easy zooming on the panoramic image.
    – Having multiple zoom windows on a single panoramic image.
    – Interactive PTZ control on the panoramic image.
    – Zone violation detection and immediate alarm.
    – Individually compressed frames.
    – Special optical lter and picture enhancement algorithm for foggy,
    rainy weather conditions.
    – High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to have visual information in
    both dark and bright areas in the same image.
    – A user-friendly conguration of the automatic self-cleaning system.
    – Support for Technical Monitoring, Control and Maintenance System
    – Automatic object tracking – Optional
    – Object classication – Optional
    – Geofencing – Optional

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