Sensortec ST-GB series millimeter-wave radio links represent a new class of feature-rich backbone links for the carrier, government, and enterprise users. The ST-GB Series features a full-gigabit, full-duplex throughput with fiber interface using robust BPSK modulation for preserving the maximum link budget.
ST-GB Series offers two additional features -(1) adaptive rate adjustment allows rate fallback to 100mbps in cases of adverse RF conditions, using a much smaller channel size and improved Rx sensitivity, and (2) AES Encryption for the secure transmission of data at line speed and with little latency.ST-GB series systems are available with either 1FT low profile antennas or 2FT antennas for extended distance coverage.

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Features and Advantages

    • Full-Duplex Gigabit Ethernet – 1Gbps data rate
    • Up to 99.999% carrier-grade availability
    • Highly secure narrow-beam antenna
    • Gigabit Fiber interface (1000base-SX with LC connectors)
    • High density deployment without co-location problem
    • All-in-one outdoor, compact design-no IDU required
    • IP66 Outdoor Rate Enclosure
    • Easy antenna alignment using voltmeter RSSI test points
    • Secure HTTPS managemnet access
    • RADIUS authentication support
    • Adaptive Rate Adjustment (ST-GB-A Models only)
    • 256-bit AES Encryption (ST-GB-A Models only)
    Note: Maximum link distances depend on antenna sizes and your region of deployment. Please consult SensorTec sales and support for guidance on correct choices of equipment.


    • Mobile Backhaul – large capacity backhaul for 4G LTE networks
    • Network operator – Gigabit Ethernet backbone
    • Government – Video surveillance, traffic monitoring, public safety network backhaul
    • Enterprise – Server centralization, remote data storage and backup, lease line replacement
    • Education – high capacity campus network for Wi-Fi and security video


Model ST-GB-80 Series ST-GB-80-A Series
Base Rate 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
ACM operation 100 Mbps
Latency Less than 40 μsec (GE Mode) Less than 40 μsec (GE Mode)
Less than 220 μsec (FE Mode)
Link Budget 172 / 186 dB @ 10-12 BER
GE Mode 172 / 186 dB @ 10-12 BER
174 / 188 dB @ 10-6 BER
(1FT / 2 FT) 174 / 188 dB @ 10-6 BER
183 / 197 dB @ 10-12 BER
FE Mode
185 / 199 dB @ 10-6 BER
(1FT / 2FT)
Frequency Band 72.5 / 82.5 GHz, Full Duplex (FDD)
Modulation BPSK with Forward Error Correction RS (204, 188)
Bandwidth 1.4 GHz 1.4 GHz (GE Mode), 280 MHz (FE Mode)
Min. Distance 328 ft (100m) with 1 FT ant; 1,312 ft (400m) with 2 FT ant
Ethernet 1000Base-SX with LC connectors, up to 270m with 62.5/125μm MMF, 500m with 50/125μm MMF
10/100Base-TX w/ RJ-45 connector (w/ integrated surge suppressor), up to 100m CAT5 cable
Maximum Ethernet frame size — 1632 bytes
Web-based (HTM) embedded management agent with HTTPS Secure Management Access
SNMP Support: MIB II and enterprise MIB
Management Syslog (RFC 3164, RFC 3195) event support
RADIUS Authentication
Voltmeter test points, receive Signal Level and Link Quality
Power -48 VDC input on the radio, AC/DC power supply (100-240 VAC to –48VDC) included
Max cable length: 650 ft (200m) with 12AWG, 400 ft (125m) with 14AWG
Antenna External 1 FT Cassegrain (V/H), 40 dBi, 0.9º beam External 2 FT Cassegrain (V/H), 46 dBi, 0.4º beam
Pole Mount 2” – 4.5” diameter pole, wall mount kit included 3.5” – 4.5” diameter pole
Size (h x w x d) 11.5 x 11.5 x 4 in (radio), 20 x 14 x 10 in (1FT Ant), 24 x 24 x 20 in (2FT Ant)
Weight 8lbs (3.6 kg) for radio, 14 lbs (6.4 kg) for 1FT Ant, 30.5 lbs (13.9 kg) for 2FT Ant
Wind loading 46 lbs force @ 125 MPH (1FT Ant), 202 lbs force @ 125 MPH (2FT Ant)
Environmental -33 to 55 ºC, 100% humidity all weather operation
Regulatory US FCC Part 101, EN 302 217-3 V1 3.1, CE Mark EN60950, EN 301 489, EN 62311
Installation Kit Voltmeter test cable, power connectors, AC/DC power supply

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