Speed Detection radar Camera

Speed Detection radar Camera

The SensorTec Speed Detection Radar Camera system is used to detect multiple over speeding vehicles using the radar module, then sends the metadata to camera’s VCA software which recognizes the over speeding vehicles and their number plates and sends it to violation management server.The Video Content Analysis module also can measure the presence and the speed of the vehicles within a designated area and detects speeding violation automatically. Besides the security footage, the system saves the vehicle’s maximum speed in the zone. Single 20 MP camera provides an overview necessary for the VCA and high quality images required for an undoubted evidence for the local authority.

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System Features

  • Maximum detection speed is 309 Kmh.
  • One module can cover up to 3 lanes.
  • Detection distance 68 meter.
  • Up to 7 simultaneous detections.
  • Violation Management SW to process, analyze and archive violation incidents.
  • single or 4 channel Outdoor NVR, IP68, Heat-pipe cooling system
  • IR flash is synchronized with the camera and it flashes the monitored object once it violates the rule
  • Multi-megapixel lenses (14-50mm) consist of only metal and glass elements and no plastic components are used.
  • Violation Management for confirming the automatically detected traffic violations.
  • High speed wireless transmission technology (WiMAX).for transferring several thousands ofmodules to be managed in a single system.


Multi-megapixel Auto Back Focus IP camera with 1” sensor and 3 optical filters for automatic Day/Night/VE switching


Multi-megapixel Auto Back Focus IP camera with 1” sensor and

3 optical filters for automatic Day/Night/VE switching


Day         – IR band suppressed

Night         – IR band enabled


Sensor Resolution

5504 (H) x 3648 (V)

Frame rate

20 fps @ 20 MP

Video compression

JPEG2000 – Wavelet

MPX24 Signal Processor

Image sensor

1” color 20 Megapixel CMOS

Auto focus

Motorized back focus adjustment

Scanning system

Progressive, no interlaced scanning

Shutter type

Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)

Shutter mode

1/10 – 1/20 000 s, 1/1 s low shutter mode


0.02 lux F1.4 Day mode or 0.002 lux F1.4 Night mode

Gain control

Fix, auto, blur or noise priority

Backlight compensation

Whole picture or any area selectable


Standard C mount DC auto/manual IRIS, P-IRIS lens


4 programmable IO connections NO, NC / OC 0.5A/30V


Built-in microphone, 1 ch external 24 kHz/16bit, sound in/output


Integrated motion detection  

Ethernet connection  

1 Gbit / Low Voltage Power over Ethetnet (LPoE)  

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