SensorTec monopulse, multilane radar

SensorTec monopulse, multilane radar

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SensorTec Multilane 4D Radar accurately measures the speed of several vehicles in multiple lanes. The device works together with the SensorTec cameras and the NVR that runs the VCA application. The radar provides telegrams. Each of them stores the information up to seven vehicles at once that have different IDs. These telegrams are stored in each related image header. The IDs in the telegrams are matched with the VCA recognized objects in the image.

Monopulse, Fast FMCW, multilane 4D radar with sensor fused 20 MP image sensor.

Technical Features

  • – Monopulse, Fast FMCW

– multilane 4D Radar

– Sensor fused with 20 MP image sensor

– Synchronized operation with Logipix ONE cameras

– IP67

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