Portable Speed Radar Camera

Portable Speed Radar Camera

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SensorTec’s Radar Speed Cameras are of a modular design which is a great advantage. It comes out in a variety of versions – mobile, stationary, tripod and gantry. All of the versions are based on the same philosophy and technical solution. The speeding offences and violations are documented and can be seen on display immediately after measurement.
SensorTec’s Radar Speed Cameras are provided with ANPR module allowing to recognise license plates and verify data contained on them, comparing them with appropriate database (if available) which can be implemented in each radar speed measuring device. If this is not requested, then only one ANPR can be supplied for back office processing. The radars can perform measurement in both directions, can take photos both from the front and rear, however, if this is not desired, one method of mesurement can be disabled by the Manufacturer. There is a GPS system installed in the radar to enable clear identification of the place of measurement.

Car Application

Car Application

Operational Features

Technical Specification


Sensor type Doppler radar, 34.0, 34.3 or 24.125 GHz
Measuring distance 60m (4 traffic lanes)
Antenna Both parabolic and planar antenna available
Measurement Measurement at approach, departure, both directions Measurement from stationary or moving vehicle
Coverage Covers 4 lanes
Speed range 20 to 250 km/h
Programmable Speed Limits Pre-set speed limits for cars and trucks


Distance range for ANPR in ambient and optimal lighting Depending on the type of camera lens (number of traffic lanes i.e. the width of the area of interest)
Maximal ANPR range at optimal conditions 30 m at optimal lighting
Imaging resolution ( frame rates, Lens type) Up to 8,8 Mpx, 1 picture (offense) per sec
Storage Customised picture storage capacity, 50 000 pictures minimum
Lens type Varifocal lens 17-70 mm


Illumination xenon visible light Xenon light + IR filter

Hardware Data

Processing power & control computer CPU quad core1,91 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD HDD 128 (250) GB mSATA
Power consumption 12V DC, 30W
Battery Box with charger (8 hours at 50 Ah battery capacity)

Environmental Data

Storage temperatures -30 to 70°C
Operating temperatures -20 to 60°C
IP rating IP54 with protective cover

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