Panoramic Multisensor Tracking Camera

Panoramic Multisensor Tracking Camera

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  •  Based on the thermal and visible panoramic camera the system detects and tracks multiple target.
  • Based on user settings the dual sensor PTZ follows one or multiple targets:
  1. – Object is closer to defended area

– Object is moving faster toward the defended area

– Latest object movement

– Higher ranked object type (small animal, big animal, small vehicle, big vehicle)

– Single object lock, automatic switching between objects

  • The dual sensor camera could provide higher detail image of the tracked objects, than the panoramic camera could provide.
  • The operator could direct the dual sensor camera out of the panoramic coverage so any area could be checked around the installation point.
  • The operator could drive the dual sensor PTZ by selecting any area on the panoramic view.
  • The actual covered area of panoramic and PTZ camera is displayed on the map window-

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