20Km Multi-Technologies Detection and Tracking Unit (MTDU)

20Km Multi-Technologies Detection and Tracking Unit (MTDU)

MTDU is one unit, which has a wide range of missing capabilities with flexible, and high-performance multi-sensor technologies. Including 200 MP panoramic view, 20 Km land radar, 26 Km thermal tracking technologies, and optional Gyro-stabilization

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MTDU unit boasts the following modules:

ModuleCoverage response
3D Tracking Radar20 km 
Vehicle detection range
Long-range thermal camera with LRF26 km
Vehicle Detection (DRI)
Long-range visible day/night camera10 km
Vehicle Detection range
200 MP 180-degree panoramic camera1km
Vehicle Detection range


* All above ranges are based on ideal environmental conditions

The main functions of the MTDU are

  • Early warning
  • Remote and on-border detection
  • Identification of illegal activities
  • Detection and situation assessment by transforming raw data into essential information.
  • Allowing timely coordinated Interception of potential intruders.

The MTDU consists of the following early-warning modules

  • Ground/Sea-surveillance electronic scan radar detection.
  • Panoramic view with video content analysis.
  • Thermal /day-night visual tracking.

General Functions

  • The MTDU increases the probability of early detection with low false alarm and false negative rates under various environmental conditions.
  • It supports and helps the everyday work of Land/ Sea Border Security and any other public authorities that may be engaged during abnormal events.
  • The system performs continuous monitoring and surveillance of potential intrusion threats, within a given time frame, preventing their entry into the protected territory allowing the forces time to intercept and capture the prospect intruders in a timely manner.
  • The system observes the object initially detected by seamlessly combining Doppler E-scan radar technology and panoramic video content analysis to provide early warning of intruders over long and short ranges and detect the target by assessing its key characteristics and provide automatic, semi-automatic and manual direction of the thermal tracking unit to observe the target.
  • It detects moving targets under various environmental conditions beyond 20 km range using 3D tracking precision radar, and slue to cue functionality to visually track the detected target using the thermal, day/ night vision.
  • The panoramic features enable the system to view, monitor and track multiple target at the same time in addition to the ability to zoom in on covered areas (180 degree) in both live and recorded mode thanks to the 200MP ultra-high resolution imaging.
  • Using the zoning feature gives the ability to overlay different types of zones, with different priorities and to program the zones to be sensitive to target size and/or speed.

Alarm Response

  • Upon receiving an alarm from MTDU the control centre initiates audible and visual notifications and displays the following:
  • Alarm area map showing the exact location of the detected target along with target information such as target type, speed and direction.
  • Large Panoramic View of the target area.
  • Panoramic View zoomed-in on target.
  • Visual tracking view.
  • Show the nearest available patrolling unit with its current location.
  • All parts are designed to withstand harsh environments to meet Military application requirements for shock, vibration, temperature and dust/water ingression

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