Cooled Multi Sensor Long Range Camera

Cooled Multi Sensor Long Range Camera

ST-C600-1000 is a field-proven multi-sensors long-range surveillance system. This unrivaled modular product range combine, continuous zoom, cooled (Band II, MWIR) Thermal, and Full HD color cameras, embedded on a precise and dynamic two-axis Pan & Tilt unit. The system can also be proposed with optional Laser Range Finder, GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass, laser pointer. It allows long-distance surveillance, effective day and night, for protection and security of your sensitive sites.

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  • Cooled thermal camera
  • Full HD day camera
  • Two axis motorised Pan and Tilt
  • 19.5Km vehicle detection thermal camera
  • 16.5Km human detection thermal camera
  • 24Km vehicle detection day camera
  • 9.8Km human detection day camera

Application areas

  • Long distance all-weather observation
  • Monitoring of sensitive infrastructures Oil and chemical industries, nuclear powerplants)
  • Monitoring of borders and coastal areas
  • Ports and airports surveillance
  • Counter – UAV applications

Multisensor Solution Component

  • Band III cooled thermal camera
  • Full HD color camera
  • Pan & Tilt platform
  • washing and dry cooling system (Optional)
  • Laser Range Finder (Optional)
  • Stabilization (Optional)
  • Video Tracking Function (Optional)
  • Associated Local Control Command Unit, with rugged composite cable, allowing power supply, controls and video signal transmission for Pan & Tilt and Cameras
  • ST-SENS Management Software

Cooled thermal camera module

We propose a waterproof and rugged cooled thermal camera working in the 3 to 5 µm band (MWIR), using a latest generation of sensor manufactured in France (no ITAR/EAR/BAFA restriction), resolution of 640 x 512 pixels with 15-micron pitch. Aluminum alloy housing with special interface to fit on pan & tilt, fitted with a sun and rain protective cap.

DRI Product Range- NATO Target 2.3m x 2.3m – Range given in meters
DRI – Human Being Target 1.8m x 0.5m – Range given in meters


Full HD (FHD) day camera module

This camera features an aluminum alloy chassis with waterproof rear plate connector and a sun and rain protective cap. The housing includes a 2.1 megapixels day high definition IP camera with a progressive scan CMOS color sensor, allowing superb day shootings in any harsh environment and poor lighting conditions. It is associated to an optical continuous zoom lens, with motorized zoom and autofocus functions.

NATO Target 2.3m x 2.3m
Human Being Target 1.8m x 0.5m

Pan & Tilt module

Pan & Tilt Platform designed to move a combination of different large sensors for long range observation applications.This Pan and Tilt comes with waterproof connectors and wirings to the peripherals, protecting those from external aggression – UV rays – as well as salt and humidity.The Pan & Tilt Platform is equipped with mechanical brackets to allow boresighting of the optical axis of each sensor (up to 3 sensors). Each sensor may be easily removed and replaced without any specific tools neither boresighting process.

Digital image stabilizer for both cameras (Option)

Considering the high magnification ratio of the zoom lenses and extremely narrow fields of view, a digital image stabilizer is necessary to decrease drastically blur due to vibration of the system on its pole (wind movements…) for visible FHD & thermal videos.The stabilizer captures 2 x H264 RTSP video streams from cameras and delivers a stabilized real-time H264 video stream per camera to the video management software, with a latency lower than 100 ms.
It should be noted that stabilization is performed on line of sight and allows compensating vibration phenomena up to +/-10% of the image field of view.
This stabilizer is based on embedded computer that comes in a 1U 19’’ rack unit.

Laser Range Finder (LRF)(Option)

Laser Range Finder: for land and naval applications, designed for medium and long-distance measurements of static or moving targets in dynamic environments.

ST-SENS Middleware Software

ST-SENS is a middleware supervision and management software solution «all-in-one» to control optronic sensors and to interface with different softwares: video analysis software VMS market software, radar management software and target tracking solution.

Technical Specifications / Cooled Thermal Camera


Cooled MCT

FRP Format

640 x 512 pixels


15 µm

Spectral Band

3 to 5 µm


20 mK typical (<25 mK)

Focus control

Auto / Manual

Different continuous optical zooms available

20x continuous optical zoom – F = 30 to 600 mm, F/5.5
Horizontal Field Of View from 18.2° to 0.9° i.e min 16 x 12m @ 1000m

Day Camera


Progressive CMOS sensor – Approx 2.1 Mpixels


1920 x 1080 pixels

Minimum Illumination

Color: 0.2 lux (sensor)

Continuous Zoom

Optical 64x / Digital 4x

Focus control

Auto / Manual

Maxi Aperture


Field Of View (HxV)

@max FOV: 17.8° x 10° i.e 325 x 183m @ 1000m @min FOV: 0.29° x 0.16° i.e 5.1 x 2.85m @ 1000m

Pan & Tilt

Pan Range

N x 360°

Tilt Range

+/-90° with software and mechanical stops

Pan speed

0.11°/s to 60°/s (payload dependent)

Tilt speed

0.07°/s to 40°/s (payload dependent)

Position Accuracy

<0.1° (1.75 mrad) typical


0.005° (0.087 mrad)



IP67 with nitrogen sweep

Max. Size (with option) according to most performing configuration

< 890 (w) x 800 (d) x 850 (h) mm

Max. Total weight according to most performing configuration

< 85 kg

Operating Temperature

Standard version: -20°C to +65°C

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