C3 Software – Command, Control and Communications

C3 Software – Command, Control and Communications

  • SensorTec C3 (command, control and communications) software package developed for land, navy and sea applications. With its simple and effective design, SensorTec C3 Software is an efficient and easy to use tool.
  • Server functions as a connection point for all subsystems (Day/Night cameras, Thermal cameras, Radars Pan-Tilt etc.) and as a distribution point for data System parameters, diagnostics, imaging etc.) to all connected clients.

C3 Software features


  • Multi-location support of unlimited multi-sensors
  • Master-client management.
  • Recording, snapshots and auto-email.
  • Picture in picture window fully movable and resizable
  • Full Slew to cue support with automatic lens setting and autofocus after slew to cue.
  • Up to 32x digital zoom
  • 3 axis E-stabilization control.
  • Video tracking control, object detection and recognition
    (automatic video tracking of recognized objects).
  • Framework supporting rapid integration of new devices.
  • Color themes
  • Keyboard control
  • Joystick control
  • Mouse control
  • Touch screen control
  • Preset options:
    • manually call of stored presets.
    • play through presets with settable wait times
  • Preset options and autopay presets
  • Auto patrol features based on movement teaching
  • 360 panoramic image option and navigation by panoramic image.
  • Computer overload information


  • Zoom/FOV synchronization
  • Autofocus control (manual, semi-auto, auto)
  • Full device control and all of its features like heaters, wipers and defog options
  • Device communication display
  • System information display
  • Full laser range finder capabilities.
  • Built in test to determine device operation.
  • Supports devices such as camera, lenses, jammers, lasers, GNSS information etc.
  • Supported standard protocols: Pelco-D, Visca,FLIR and proprietary
  • Slew to cue based on map data.

GIs Features


  • Mission planning
  • Asset management
  • Device management
  • BIT tests
  • Device layer management
  • Slew 2 cue
  • 3D slew to cue
  • Automatic Slew to cue
  • Map drawing
  • Alarms
  • Action recording and playback
  • Device list
  • Data export
  • Email report
  • Email snapshots, alarms, system fails
  • Vulnerability analysis – post processing of target data
  • Snapshots
  • Map image streaming
  • Viewport calculation based on terrain model
    • line of sight calculations


  • Live target list.
  • Full support for searching by name and description and other parameters.
  • Target zones by priority and behavior
  • Target trails
  • Black listing.
  • Target list
  • Target Data Fusion
  • Target data modification on the go
  • Closest static mark calculation
  • Framework supporting rapid integration of new devices.

Map (Types)

  • Full ENC S63/S57 Maps Support
  • Raster maps (png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif…)
  • KML/KMZ Support.
  • WMS GeoServer
    • Custom map creation
    • Elevation data HGT


  • 3-D Map navigation.
  • Map Presets.
  • Map layer management.
  • Map navigation
  • Angle, distance area measurements.
  • 3D support and full 3 slew to cue functionality.
  • Custom Icons, Static marks, Targets, presentations.
  • KML/KMZ importing and searching by name (area, line, point).
  • Compass layer and onscreen compass.

Supported common sensors

  • AIS
  • ADSB
  • Aaronia
  • DJI
  • Naval radars
  • Anti-drone/UAV radars
  • Ground radars
  • Underground sensors
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Directional finders
  • Jammer support – auto jamming operation
  • LRF Indicators
  • Support for 3rd party surveillance platforms through network access.
  • Support for 3rd party Sensors through network access

COP Features

  • Video Wall of video feeds
  • Video feed supporting all standard video transfer protocols.
  • Additional video transfer protocols:FLIR, Geutebruck
  • Recording.
  • Observing.
  • Asset administration.

Decentralized solution

  • Everything is decentralized
  • Each unit is unique and self-sufficient.
  • Redundancy is provided.
  • No single attack/failure can reduce performance of the system in any way.

Centralized solution (server-client)

  • Everything is located and stored on the server.
  • Serves has redundant live copies.
  • Clients are arbitrary and unlimited (they do not store any information).
  • Any “secure client” that connects to the system according to permissions and license keys can connect to the server.
  • Information centralized in a secure location and all available online or in the cloud.

Centralized solution (server-client)

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