Anti-Drone Detection & Location System

Anti-Drone Detection & Location System

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Passive Detection

To ensure safety, the digital imaging and remote signals are continually transmitted between the remoter and the drone, which provides reliable sources for passive detection and recognition of drones.

lmaging&Control Signals varies between different models and different bands of drones, which provides basis for brand & model recognition.

System Design

By intercepting, measuring and analyzing the transmitting signals of flying drones, the models and brands of drones can be recognized. the direction of drones position can be measured throught the antenna array, and the range is simultaneously estimated, which helps to map the location of targets on terminal monitors, and provide guiding information for the jamming weapons.

Anti-Drone Detection & Location System Up To 10Km

Breakthrough technologies of ST-ADR30

Coherent Accumulating Detection Technology For Weak Signals

Achieve real-time detection and early-warning of drone signals transmitted with minimum 0.1W under complex electro-magnetic environment. the detection range can reach up to 10km, the best performance among counter parts.

Real-time Ranging & Locating With Single Station

First of its kind, ST-ADR30 realize roughly ranging and locating with single station, therefore mapping tracks of drone on terminal.

Precise Recognition Of Model & Brand

Recognize drones’ model & brand based on signal feature database, which includes over 40 models and is expanding.


  • Detect Drones’ operating & imaging signals under complex urban environment, with long range and 360 degrees detection capacity.
  • Automatically report direction, range and location of drones based on parameters analysis of drones’ transmitting signals.
  • Recognize model & brand of drones based on signal features.
  • Mark drone’s real-time position on electronic map and report detection results through LAN or Serial port.
  • Deploy quickly on ground, top of vehicles or buildings, with high portability and reliability.

General Technical Specification

Multiple-frequencies 2.4GHz/5.8GHz/433MHz, and 400MHz-6GHz wide-band version is also available
Signal Types operating and imagine signals of drones, and IEEE 802.11 (Wifi) signals
Detection Range ≥ 3km~10km (Measured by DJI Phantom 4A)
Coverage Angle 360° in horizon and 60° in elevation
Angular Accuracy ≤5° (RMS)
Maximum Tracking Number ≥20
Power Supply AC12V (< 5A)

Anti-Drone Detection & Location System Up To 15Km

Feature & Advantage

  • Long detection range: Detect drone with over 3~15km distance and minimum signal transmitting poweraround 0.1W, the best performance among counterparts.
  • Single-Station location and Multiple – Station cross location: located target with single station or cross – locatewith multiple stations.
  • Weatherproof: work 24×7 under any weather condtions.
  • Zero radiation: Don’t transmit any signals, which provides good concealing performance.
  • Model recolonization ability: recognize, over 95% drones on market.
  • Signal feature analysis: Analyze drones’ signal features which provides better jamming guid performance.
  • Portability: Portable and flexible in application, could be installed on ground and on top of vechile or buildings.

Low Altitude Searching Radar


Detecting the Low, Slow and Small target is an international difficulty of Science and Technology. Our Anti-Drone Low Altitude Searching Radar is mainly used for detecting the low altitude/sipper low altitude, slow speed and small target in short range to conduct the low altitude and supper low altitude air situation reconnaissance, to automatically search, track the target, and to output the target parameters and report to superior command center. It is mainly used to provide low altitude early warning for some important military or civilian facilities such as airports, telecommunication command centers, missile launching positions, transportation hubs (bridges, railway station, sea port etc.) military bases, energy bases etc.


  • Detect the low altitude, super low altitude, slow speed and small target
  • Automatically Search and Track the air target in real time
  • Report the radar information to the superior command center
  • Unattended operation function

Technical Specification

Operating system Linear frequency modulation continuous wave and Phased array
Operating frequency X-band
Operating mode Portable/Vehicular
Detection range 6-8km(Four-rotor airway model,typical target Di Sprite 4)15-30km(for Military UAV)
Detecting altitude Wave beam coverage 30-5000m
Detecting speed 1-400m/s
Detecting accuracy(RMS) Range≤25m,Azimuth≤1, Pitch≤0.5°
Pitching angle 0°-75°
Azimuth range 0°-360°
Time of deployment / withdraw ≤10min

Navigation Signal Jammer

Technical Specification

Frequency Range: GPS:L1:1575.4±10MHz,L2:1227.60MHz±10MHz,L5:1176.45±10MHz
BD:B1:1558.09-1564.09MHz, B2:1196.22~1217.37MHz,B3:1250.618~1286.423MHz
Jamming Distance X-band
Operating mode ≥5Km (jamming power≥20w)
Jamming Type Directional
Beam Width 30°
Antenna Azimuth Range 0-360°
Antenna Elevation Range 0-45°
Antenna Rotation Velocity 0-36°/s
Servo Control Type Automatic (by software)
Antenna Direction Error ≤0.5°

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