Category: Thermal Cameras


The MTDU increases the probability of early detection with low false alarm and false negative rates under various environmental conditions.
It supports and helps everyday tasks of Land/Sea Border Security and any other public authorities may be engaged during abnormal events.

Detection and situation assessment by transforming raw data into essential
information, Allowing timely coordinated Interception of potential intruders.

Detects moving targets under several environmental conditions for 25 km range. Early warning, Remote and on-border detection, Identification of illegal activities and more

The panoramic features enable the system to view, monitor and track multiple targets at the same time in addition to the ability to zoom in on a covered area (360 Degree)

Alarm area map showing the exact location detected target along with target information such as type, speed and direction.

​Protect Borders
Terrorists, Trafficking and illegal immigrants.

A Country's borderline consists of endless stretches that might not be appropriately covered. Take control of your borders now with smart cameras that cover vast distances.

Prevent possible terrorist attacks, drugs and human trafficking and any illegal activities that may pass through your borders and more.