12 KM Un-cooled Multi-Sensor Camera

Category: Thermal Camera

Code: ST-12S

The Multi sensor ST-12S This system consists of a thermal camera and a day-night high resolution camera with very high optical zoom placed on a movable pan & tilt platform. The platform is able to turn the cameras in all directions, both in azimuth and elevation and can be controlled from a remote operator or an existing command and control center.

The movable pan tilt platform is capable of extremely slow/high speed, variable speed in small

steps-continuous, panoramic observation with constant speed and tour mode. All these functions can be triggered locally or remotely, it is also possible to program the unit to function automatically with a standard protocol.

Day/Night and Thermal cameras allows observation in total darkness and under all weather conditions even in fog, rain or snow. have continuous optical and digital zoom. The System provides stable picture in windy conditions with proven methods of stabilization.

Multiple payloads on one pan· tilt system within a separate housing (individually removable to enable service of one payload while the other is still operational)

Thermal Camera

ST-12S is equipped with a highly reliable, long-wave, un-cooled Vanadium Oxide
(VOx) detector which offers good long range detection in all weather conditions. There is no main-tenance required since there is no cooling device. The cameras offer a continuous zoom. This offers excellent situational aware ness while also giving the possibility to zoom in at suspect activities, and have a closer look, once they are detected. The ST-12S can be integrated into existing networks or used portably.

 HD Day/Night Camera

Day/ night Module in ST-12S Multi sensor camera is based on a highly sensitive CMOS megapixel camera module with sensitivity equal to EM-CCD technology and combined with a powerful zoom lens. It is ideal for day/night surveillance of military camp, homeland security [border protection], and critical infrastruc-ture protec tion (CIP) applications. It is designed to deliver high - performance images, even under the harshest conditions, built according to MIL-810 standards.
The operator at the control center is able to monitor the status of all systems
[power, camera status ...). All data signals output from the multi sensor camera can be sent to the control center via multiple means of communication [Ethernet, wireless, optic fiber ...).

 PT Head

DC PT in multi sensor camera systems deliver high performance and stabilization for demanding pay-loads. Their light weight and compact size makes them ideal for mobile solutions. All systems are IP66 approved to make them suitable for all weather conditions and harsh environ ments. Proven in critical security and observation applications with 24/7 operation. In a fully machined aluminum body lies a single powerful motion control board. Simplicity in construction adds to a unit’s robustness and long life time. All units undergo a series of environmental and endurance tests before leaving production to ensure end-user satisfaction. Mechanical assembly kits and software packages can be fully customized to meet customer specifications.

General Functions

  • Simultaneous preview of day/night camera and thermal - Continuous zoom on both payloads
  • Radar connectivity (Slew to Cue)
  • Radar tracking possibility
  •  Target acquisition and tracking
  • (auto or remote triggering) (optional)

       -Auto/ manual/ remote focus on both payloads

  • Rigid system design
       -(up to 90 km/h wind without damage and 50 km/h in use)
  • CE marked
  • Control and picture streaming via TCP/IP
  • Gyro stabilized pan-tilt platform (optional)
  • Electronic image stabilization on both payloads
  • Temperature range of the whole system: -32 to +65°C - Maximum humidity of the whole system: 95 %
  • Comply with: IP66

-Vibration test: IEC 60068-2-64
-Shock test: IEC 60068-2-27
-Icing test: NEMA 250
-Salt fog test: IEC 60068-2-52


Thermal Camera


Un-cooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx)

Detector type

640 x 480 native detector resolution

Spectral range

7.5 to 14 µm

Detector pitch

17 µm

Continuous Digital Zoom

Yes, up to 16x


Manual (remote)

Image Processing

Motorized back focus adjustment

Scanning system

Tunable Digital Detail Enhancement (ODE), Histo-gram Equalization

Vehicle Detection (DRI)

Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)

Shutter mode

12 Km

Human Detection (DRI)

0.02 lux F1.4 Day mode or 0.002 lux F1.4 Night mode

Gain control

7.5 Km

Video outputs

Analog (NTSC / PAL) and digital Ethernet (H264, ONVIF)


RS422, RS485, RS232, Ethernet


24 – 225 mm @ F/1.5

Thermal Sensitivity

<=50 mK

HD Day/Night Camera


Ultra high sensitivity 2/3” CMOS sensor equivalent to EM -CCD

Pixels (H x V)

1920 (H) x 1080 (V)

Focal Lens

20-750mm 37.5X zoom , (40-1500 mm) with x2

Field of view

Narrow: Hor. .67° (.34°)

Wide: Hor. 24.8° (12.4°)

Digital output

H.264 (MPEG-4) / Motion JPEG, RTSP, ONVIF,HD
-SDI, analog


1920 x 1080 HDTV - 1080 p

1280 x 720 HDTV - 720 p

640 x 480 VGA


Color 0. 005 Lux @ (F1.4, 30 fps) 

Spectral response

Switchable between visible only
(color with IR cut filter] and visible + NIR [mono-chrome]

Scanning system

Up to 30 fps @ 1920 X 1080

Digital zoom

16x Continuous

Image transmission protocols


Pan/Tilt system

Max load (kg)

35kg / 60Nm

Height/width /length (mm)

552 X 754 X 172mm

Pan angle

n X 360°

Tilt angle

± 45°

Pan movement speed

0.001 ° to 100°/sec

Tilt movement speed

Tilt movement speed

0.001 ° to 100°/sec

0.001 ° to 100°/sec





Park/ Home position





±300 µrad (option)

Peak Power


Operating voltage (v)

24- 48 VDC


R-232, R-4B5, RS-422, Ethernet

Control protocol

DC-PT protocol , PelcoD (optional)



Laser Range finder

Laser type

Erbium glass


1,54 µm


Class 1 IEC 60825-1 ED 2 of 2007-3

Measuring range

80m to 20,000m

Range resolution


Range accuracy

±10 m



Measuring rate

6 ppm continuous

Multiple target resolution


Nominal ocular hazard distance (NDHD)

0 m


Working Temperature

(-30°C to +65°C)


70 K

Power Consumption

300 W

IP rating

IP 66